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Erfahrungsbericht Gastunternehmer

Marko Haschej and Anna Sund Jungsma 

Marko Haschej had very positive experiences on his first erasmus exchange so it was soon clear that he wanted to continue with another international business exchange: this time with Ana Sund Jongsma from Copenhagen. Anna intends to set up an event management company which supports both private persons as well as companies in organizing events and helping them navigate the ensuing labyrinth of options, from choosing food for catering to cost planning etc.  

Marko works in the event planning field and is the owner of Moonshot Pirates, a youth organization offering training and networking for interested young people. They started their exchange in May and Anna was involved in a lot of different fields and successfully ran her own project as well. “Anna's contribution in developing a completely new program was amazing. She had the lead in planning, setting up and managing the entire program. Based on the feedback and evaluation from our participants as well as mentors, the program was highly successful and an important step in the development of young people,” Marko says. 

In addition, Anna's experience from the Roskilde festival helped her to develop Marko’s bootcamps further and make them better. 

“Through Anna's work we were able to establish another important pillar of the entire Moonshot Pirates program. Her ideas, contribution and execution were impeccable and helped us to expand the services and further establish high quality offers. Ana's newly developed program will help us to grow the program further and to establish additional important offers for young people globally," says Marko. “With this exchange I learned about the entrepreneurial spirit, got hands-on experience, and saw how my own ideas could come to life,” Anna says about her exchange.  

So, did the exchange meet Marko´s expectations? “Yes, Anna's Roskilde Festival background helped us add a level of professionalism to the structure of our bootcamp event. She certainly had a huge impact on the development of our global program. For us it was an important step that we couldn't have taken without Anna in this short amount of time." 

The success of the exchange can also be attributed to the company culture that Marko has created. "Radical transparency and an open feedback culture are two core values of our organization. The ongoing exchange and open culture were a constant part of Anna's stay.” 


Erasmus für Jungunternehmen ist eine Initiative der Europäischen Union. 

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