Architektur, Fotografie & Sprache – ein erfolgreicher Erasmus Austausch in Prag 

Linda Pezzei und Martin Tuma setzen erfolgreich neue Projekte um


Linda Pezzei is an architect and founded her press agency wor.ding in 2020. Her special interest is to raise awareness of the young design scene from Eastern Europe and to make it more visible in the West. She wanted to expand her company in the field of press relations for creative professionals, especially architects. Her goal was to communicate architecture by means of high-quality photos and texts to the press. Martin Tuma, the host entrepreneur, is a professional in architecture and design photography. As both Linda and Martin are interested in each other´s respective country and market, their exchange is very promising.

Linda can develop her own business plan in the fields of marketing and budget planning and can profit from the host´s experience. At the same time, she can bring in her knowledge as a media expert in order to help Martin with his current goals.

Martin owns the platform LINKA NEWS, which is specialized in the sector of architectural PR and media. Linda and Martin are working on establishing a licensing and remuneration model for architectural photography, which will be a mutual project in the future after their exchange.

Besides the work, Linda also enjoys the office setting.  Martin’s office is situated in a renovated factory and it´s a dream for creative people. He has a small team of 3, but there are quite a few other offices so Linda has the possibility to meet a lot of people working in the creative sector. “I can profit in various ways and the exchange will have a lasting effect on my own business and also on our common projects, which we will continue in the future,” Linda says. 

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