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Helmut Jäger und Dietmar Pircher
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Gemeinsam bauen - Gastunternehmer Helmut Jäger berichtet vom Austausch mit Dietmar Pircher aus Südtirol

Helmut Jäger is a builder in Austria and started his Erasmus exchange with Dietmar Pircher in Februar 2020. Their objective was to learn from each other and establish a base for possible future collaboration between South Tyrol and Italy, and in doing so, gain new insights into the two regions. What was important for Helmut Jäger was that a young entrepreneur already has experience in new construction and renovation of existing buildings. Dietmar Pircher from Italy plans to take over his fathers company which also operates in the building sector. To gain international knowledge as well as new contacts he started the exchange with Helmut Jäger.


For Dietmar, it was possible to work with individual teams on the construction site and he had the possibility to learn a lot material calculations and work in thermal insulation. He learned to estimate the advantages and disadvantages of different insulation materials and the U-value calculation. “It was a great advantage to have a young spirit in the team and at the same time a person who already had knowledge in the construction sector," Helmut Jäger says. "Due to Covid-19 not everything went as planned, but I got a lot of new stimuli from Dietmar´s ideas and skills – and I could get a better understanding of the South Tyrolean market and its dynamics. It was a clear asset as I was able to expand my network to potential customers in northern Italy."

Erasmus für Jungunternehmen ist eine Initiative der Europäischen Union. 

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