Gabriele Klima

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Foto zeigt Gabriele Klima und Ana Povše
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Success Story: Gabriele Klima and Ana Povše ­ an entrepreneurial and culinary adventure

Gabriele Klima is an Austrian entrepreneur who has been working in the field of tourism for over 15 years. She is the owner and founder of GTOURs, where she offers guided culinary tours through the city of Vienna as well as journeys to other destinations.

As she likes to support young entrepreneurs and share her business knowledge, she applied for the Erasmus Program for Young Entrepreneurs.

Ana from Slovenia planned to start a business in the tourism sector and wanted to gain new insights while working with someone who has already successfully established a business. So Ana´s profile was a perfect match for Gabriele, who planned to expand her business by offering an additional tour to Slovenia.

They started their exchange in summer 2020, with a visit to Slovenia and a “foodie tour” through the city. Back in Vienna, Ana was involved in various parts of the daily activites of Gabriele’s company. They exchanged know-how on website creation and social media activities. Due to Covid-19 not everything went to plan. Gabriele supported Ana in the field of calculations. Both profited from each other and they have a clear road map for tours from Vienna to Slovenia and the other way round. Gabriele acquired a lot of new contacts in Slovenia (hotels, restaurants and local producers) . “It was a great experience – there are so many differences between the two countries – from cultural to entrepreneurial. I was very happy about this exchange because I got a lot of new information and I could expand into a new market," says Gabriele.

It was a very inspiring and lively exchange with a very friendly atmosphere between us. As soon as the pandemic eases, we will start offering my trips to Slovenia. Ana and I are still working together – I can explore new travel destinations in Slovenia.


Erasmus für Jungunternehmen ist eine Initiative der Europäischen Union. 

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